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The following information will help you in your exams which will be held week commencing 8th January 2018:


Format of the exam:  

This examination consists of 20 questions including:

  • 10 multiple choice questions asking you to identify tools and equipment in the workshop.  (10 marks)
  • 3 questions asking you to measure and record the dimensions of material.                         (15 marks)
  • 2 questions asking you to measure the dimensions of a steel bar, mm                                (6 marks)
  • 2 questions asking you to calculate the area of a piece of material in cm²                           (8 marks)
  • 1 question challenging you to sketch a common workshop tool to scale                              (3 marks)
  • 1 question asking you to sketch and name each of five main bridge structures                   (6 marks)
  • 1 question asking you to identify the forces acting upon bridge structures.                         (2 marks)


Topics that need to be revised:

  • The names of machines and pieces of equipment in the Waterleat Road Workshop.
  • Measuring lines, radius and diameters using a ruler.
  • Ensure you can name all of the classifications of Bridge Structure.
  • Name the forces that act upon a Bridge Structure.


Hints and tips for preparation:

  • Practise using a ruler to measure linear dimensions
  • Know the difference between the metric units’ of millimetres, centimetres and metres.
  • Be able to calculate the area of a rectangle.
  • Practise scaling down drawings of hand tools using the grid method.


Stretch and challenge for top grades:

  • Ensure you answer all questions thoroughly.
  • How would you calculate the area of a rectangle with a square hole in it.
  • How would you add texture to a Sketch to resemble a shiny painted surface?
  • Show all of your calculations.


Useful websites and where to find help:

Click on the links for access to the websites.

For different bridge structures:


Look at the equipment posters in the workshop.